Year 7 Experience

Amber Williams 7M2 McGough

My name is Amber and I started as a Year 7 student at the beginning of the year.

I had only been at North Liverpool Academy for a short time when I felt at home. At first I got lost as the building is much bigger than the one in my old school, Anfield Primary. However, all the teachers here were so helpful and friendly and helped my friends whenever we needed to be pointed in the right direction.

I was really nervous at the beginning in case I would find it hard to make friends, even though my brother James goes here already, but I didn’t need to worry. I attended the Harmony camp over the summer and I met so many new friends from a variety of different schools and they were all really nervous at the start too. Now I feel like I have known some of them my whole life! I think this school is very welcoming and I am pretty sure the students are proud to say they go here too.

My favourite lessons are Science and Performing Arts. I love Science because we get to do really exciting experiments. I also love Performing Arts because of the huge drama theatre and also the facilities are amazing.

I am in McGough house because my brother is in McGough house too and it is like being in a big school family. Last term we won the attendance challenge and I was really happy because McGough is my team, my house and it makes me feel proud to see us winning as a family.

In the future I would like to study Science for my A levels and then carry on to university. I would eventually like to become a vet and this school makes me feel confident about the opportunities I have available to me in the future.

I love it here at North Liverpool Academy and I’m sure you will too.

Shubhada Kolshikwar 7B1 Redmond

Hi! My name is Shubhada.

When I first started North Liverpool Academy I was extremely nervous because I thought I wouldn’t make any new friends. However, I made lots and lots of friends very quickly by going to the Harmony camp in the summer holidays. Also I was really scared because I was one of the youngest in the school. The teachers here are so lovely, especially my form tutor who helped me feel relaxed which helped me settle in quickly.

My favourite subjects are Maths, Art and Music because I learn lots of new things that I never knew before. In Art we have being doing a project on ‘OP Faces’ where we use photography and tracing to draw ourselves, which is fun.

I am in Redmond house and at Christmas we took part in lots of competitions. I liked the dodgeball competition the most and even though we didn’t win, it was still a lot of fun.

When I’m older I would like to be an architect so I will be looking to study Art and Maths in Sixth Form at North Liverpool Academy.

Joe Kennedy 7R2 Russell

Before I joined North Liverpool Academy I felt a bit nervous but excited. My nerves soon disappeared after I came on the transition days as we were able to get a real experience of the lessons and how the school day would be.

North Liverpool Academy has been a great experience so far. The school has great teachers who always make the lessons as fun as they can but are strict when they need to be.

My personal experience has been great. The students are really friendly and welcoming. The house system makes you feel welcomed and part of a team which is its goal. The lessons are fun and help you learn with a decent amount of time in them.

The school has fun events all around the year. We have had two enrichment days, one at Christmas and one at Easter, both involved activities to help us develop our team building skills. In all, North Liverpool Academy is a very friendly and welcoming school.

Jennifer McKeown-Redrup 7LP1 La Plante

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I started here at North Liverpool Academy in September. When I first moved from Four Oaks Primary I was very nervous. The main reason was because I was worried about making new friends and finding my lessons in such a big school building.

However, my best friend from primary school also started at the same time and although she wasn’t in my lessons I could meet up with her at break and lunch time. This made me feel confident in school.

The lessons that I like the most are Science and PE because they are both practical subjects and I like to do different experiments. In Science this year we have had lots of different projects; my favourite one was the ‘Rocket’ project because we got to see what materials go into rockets and how they work. We also had a big firework display around bonfire night just for Year 7s.

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher so in the future I am hoping to do Science and PE at Sixth Form.

Jonathan Zou 7P1 Patten

Hello, my name is Jonathan.

When I first started at North Liverpool Academy I was quite nervous because only one or two people came from my primary school, Kensington Primary. However, I knew some students from other primary schools who were also starting at the same time as me and they helped me settle in quickly.

I am in Patten house. I like being in Patten because I like the badge and I also liked that at Christmas we got to play on the inflatables in the sport hall. This was a reward for having 100% attendance that term.

The subject that I like the most is Maths because it is challenging and my teacher, Mr Carlin, is quite funny. In the future I would like to be a marine biologist, so in Sixth Form I will look to study Science and Maths.