Year 7 Experience

Starting secondary school is an exciting time – you’ll make new friends, learn new subjects, meet new teachers and explore a whole new building.

We’ve spoken to a number of our current Year 7 students, who will moving into Year 8 in September, about their experiences since joining North Liverpool Academy.


Hello! My name is Jessica. I started last September and was extremely nervous. The main reason was because I thought I would get lost looking for my lessons, also with me only having one best friend from primary I was scared that I wouldn’t make any new friends. But I did! I made many new friends who are weird and who are really funny. The people here are one of the main reasons why this school is so enjoyable. Not only the students, but the teachers and subjects can make your school experience a blast as well. One of my absolute favourites is science, because my science teacher makes the most creative lessons possible. When you come here in September you can find me if you need any help, or ask teachers. Don’t worry too much because after your first week you will be loving it and wondering why you worried! Good luck and I hope to see you all in September!


Hi! My name is Aaron. At first when I came to this school I was absolutely petrified as I was used to being in the oldest year group and it felt really strange to know that I’d now be the youngest! Everything was quickly OK however as I have made many new friends and I’m involved in lots of extra-curricular activities, such as football and basketball. I am part of the Sky Sports group which gives us great opportunities to go to many different places and experience new things. As part of the group, I have even been to a rugby game which was amazing! My favourite subjects are Maths, English, P.E and technology because I learn a lot of new things that I know will help in the future. Also,
you have the chance to go on a range of different trips that are extremely fun. I am looking forward to meeting you when you come next year. I hope you aren’t too nervous – just remember I am always here to help!


Hi, my name is Ethan. My first year at NLA has really flown! Don’t be scared to start secondary school – when I walked through those big doors for the first time, I felt a little scared, but when I saw my friends I knew I wasn’t alone. I was lucky as quite a few of my friends had come to the academy from my primary, so there were a
few familiar faces. There were so many children so when the bell went for form, some year 7’s didn’t know where to go. Luckily I knew the way, but if you ever get lost don’t be afraid to ask a teacher or another student – they’ll be happy to show you the way. In school, my favourite lessons are PE and History. They’re my best because I’m quite good at them, but I like all of my lessons. The trips we go on are awesome – I’ve been to PGL and with the Sky Sports group I went to Scotland, and that’s just some of them!.


Hey! My name is Akaliya. When I first came to NLA, I was quite scared and nervous because I didn’t know where to go for my lessons. The building felt so much bigger than my primary! I was also quite nervous about making friends as I hadn’t seen anyone here before. Now I have made so many friends and I know my way around really well. One of my favourite lessons is English. My teacher (Miss Meighen) is really nice and has a fabulous sense of humour. We recently went on a tour of The University of Liverpool to learn what it would be like to be a student there. I really
enjoyed that day and hope to study at university myself one day! We are looking forward to see you, and remember – there’s loads of support available if you’re worried about anything.